Length & Frequency of Sessions

Sessions can be booked for 50 minutes, 75 minutes or 100 minutes. For many people the standard 50 minute session works well. Longer sessions can sometimes be helpful, for example as we initially explore what brings you to therapy. When working with a couple, making sure both are heard can be easier with more time.

Ensuring that therapy is regular and consistent has been shown to support the development of the therapeutic relationship and help clients make effective progress. Meeting weekly works for most people at the start, but as clients progress, we may not need to meet as often.

The course of therapy lasts for as long as you wish it to continue.

Short term therapy

With some clients, especially those coming with very specific issues to work on, the work may be short term. Typcially this might be between 6 and 10 sessions, working with clear goals and keeping a fairly sharp focus.

Longer term therapy

Other clients come with a more open personal growth agenda, or wanting to work at deeper level, for instance to deal with issues from the past or to change deep rooted patterns. This kind of work is often more open ended and longer term, sometimes with breaks in between.

There is no need to decide what’s best for you at the outset. Usually I suggest we plan for four sessions initially and then review towards the end to see where we've got to and to assess whether continuing work would be worthwhile. During the time you remain in therapy we will always continue to review the work regularly together to ensure it remains effective for you and that you are getting what you need.

However long you come, the choice is yours, but it can be really helpful to know if/when you wish to stop coming. This is so that we are able to plan our ending, review our work together and can end well, without any unfinished business that you might be left with.

Crisis therapy

Sometimes, life brings moments of extreme distress, anxiety and worry. By arrangement, I can offer intensive therapy on Sundays for a block of up to four sessions (4 x 50 minutes).